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Display Knives


All display knives come as shown with stand

included. Each knife also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity verifying it is hand made by me. Prices vary. 

Neck Knives


The Jawbone Neck Knives are $50. All other neck knives are $40. 

I have a knife pendant which is a neck knife without a sheath at $25.

Arrowhead Necklaces


Regular arrowhead necklaces are $15-$20.

Broken Arrow necklaces, mounted on broken arrow shaft, are $25 each.

Behind The Scenes at Ancient Echo


Random pictures from art shows, in the shop and some of my early work.

A Gallery of Past Favorites .............


Some of my favorites over the years. I didn't give them descriptions. If you have any questions or comments drop me a line.


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